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Mexican food
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La Hacienda is a family operated Mexican restaurant that specializes in restaurant hospitality and customer services.
We have been proudly catering to our local clients and out of town visitors since 1988. Our clients include Hot Springs and surrounding areas residents and out of town tourist. The colorful atmosphere and friendly service of our restaurant is unparalleled.

The quality and freshness of our food and drinks are unparalleled. The wait staff also work to make your visit the best that it can be.
If you are ever in Hot Springs and want the best seat in the house for Great Mexican Food and Tequila, you MUST visit LA HACIENDA.

We are the most awarded winning Mexican Restaurant in Arkansas and proudly cater to all of our customers demands.

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Los Churros

Churros are a tasty deep-fried pastry covered with cinnamon sugar. They were of Arab origin and were brought to Mexico by the Spaniards in the early 10th century. Mexicans adopted them, becoming one of their favorite desserts accompanied by a cup of hot chocolate or atole morning or night!
We invite you to La Hacienda to enjoy this delicious Mexican snack with your friends and family.

El Panbazo

The Pambazo is prepared and filled in a very specific way. While other similar dishes changed the fillings or toppings, the pambazo recipe remains almost the same. The bread is first filled with the potato and chorizo, then dipped in warm red guajillo pepper sauce, which gives the bread its famous orange-red sprinkled coloration. Once the bread has been soaked, it is passed on to fry in a bit of oil. The pambazo is to fry on the top and bottom of the bread. It is then garnished with shredded lettuce, salsa (sauce), crema (cream), and queso fresco (fresh cheese).